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Master Post - Rock Band Is (Not) A Synonym For Love

Title: Rock Band is (Not) a Synonym for Love
Author: quarterturn & schneestern
Fandom: Bandom - Panic, MCR, FOB, background CS, TAI, others (GCH, THS, TC, TU, Empires)
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, background Bob (Bryar)/Greta and Gabe/Mikey
Rating: Overall PG-13 with some NC-17 scenes thrown in
Wordcount: ~45000
Warnings: For excessive mention of a litter of puppies and everyone being in love with everyone. If you're opposed to that, this fic is probably not for you.

Summary: A mall AU. Pete's head over heels for an oblivious Patrick, Gerard's running out of ways to tell Frank he won't date him, Ryan's successfully trying to ignore his feelings for Brendon, and Spencer's trying to make ends meet even as he slowly falls for Jon. On top of all that the big mall celebration is coming up and there's all kinds of trouble keeping everyone on their toes.

Notes: This started as a small idea for an AU where the bandboys work in a mall. As is typical for the two of us, it quickly got out of hand and all of a sudden everyone ever was working at the mall. Big Bang was the ideal chance to finally write all those self-indulgent ideas out. We never really thought it would get this long, especially since we both wrote big bangs of our own, but here we are 45,000 words later. Big thanks go out to all our betas who tackled this beast and found our stupid typos - musictoyourlips, cool_rain_kiss, tuesdaysgone and imconfusedotcom. Any remaining errors are our own. We also owe thanks to speep, who made the most amazing art inspired by the fic and colourmeshocked who made us the perfect mix with amazing notes (LET'S GO TO THE MALL! \o/). Finally, we'd like to thank the mods for organizing this challenge.

In one post on DW

On LJ: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

Bonus Scenes


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